​​​​​​​​​H.O.G.  SUDBURY CHAPTER​ #9006

ABOUT US - Come Ride With Us!

Our Chapter holds various events for its members throughout the year and we participate in fundraising events for community charities.  There are also "Ladies of Harley" events and rides for the female members. We have half-day rides and each year you may attend the Provincial and or National Rally, held in various locations around Canada.   We organize weekly group rides to various locations and plan a couple of overnight trips.  

Our Chapter holds regular meetings on the first Tuesday of every month beginning at 7:00 PM at various locations.  Check our Events Calendar for the location to
Events Calendar – Rides and Events.  I hope that you will join us at our meetings and look forward to some great riding and fun.

Sudbury HOG was formed in 1987 to promote family-oriented activities for Harley-Davidson owners with a membership of 150.

Our rides, which average 10-15 bikes, are organised with Road Captains and Tail Gunners front and rear.  Speeds are kept to the posted limit and members are expected to follow our "Group Riding Rules" regarding riding behaviour. The club is a family-oriented social club - our events are planned so that you can safely and confidently bring your partner or children. All Chapter events comply with
Zero Alcohol Tolerance policies.